Opportunities Beyond Single-Core Microprocessors


Panel Moderator: Mark D. Hill, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison


Designers of future hardware and software face many challenges. Performance scaling of sequential cores is not what it once was. The best architectures for many cores, or equivalents, are not clear. Software, especially on clients, does not make abundant parallelism clear.  Computer use and disposal is not so green. Smarter phones must not burn your pocket. Transistors and wires are getting less reliable.  CMOS may run out of steam for technical or economic reasons. And the list goes on.


But in challenges, optimists find opportunities.  This panel will be about opportunities.  I have invited experts with experience in academia, industry, and government to discuss the great possibilities ahead.  I have asked them to identify two or three topics, where, at most, one is part of their current work.  Then we will have a discussion.